Wheel Alignments

Does your car pull to the side or are you experiencing unusual vibration? If so, you may need to have your wheels aligned at JBC Tire Complete Auto Care. 

JBC Tire Complete Auto Care Wheel Alignments Protect the Life of Your Tires

Every vehicle leaves the factory with the wheels set at very specific angles relative to an imaginary straight line down the center of the car. These angles are engineered for the best possible road manners, steering response, cornering and ride quality. The angles include:

  • Toe-in, the inward tilt of the wheels as seen from above
  • Toe-out, an outward tilt of the wheels as seen from above
  • Camber, the vertical orientation and tilt of the wheels
  • Caster, the fore-and-aft orientation of the wheels

These angles can drift due to a hard hit on a curb, railroad track or pothole, resulting in a vehicle that’s now out of alignment. A poorly-aligned vehicle will display symptoms such as:

  • Persistent pull to one side, on straight pavement
  • Steering that now feels “clumsy” or “heavy”
  • Tendency for the wheel to not center itself quickly after rounding a corner
  • Uneven wear on the front tires

Imagine a man who walks with his right foot skewed to one side. In time, that right shoe is going to wear unevenly, and that’s not unlike what happens to your tires when the alignment is out of spec. One wheel constantly tries to steer the vehicle in a different direction and is dragged along by the other wheels as you head in a straight line. That added friction scrubs the tread off of the inside or outside edge of a tire…and that type of tire wear isn’t covered under a tire warranty.

Poor wheel alignment is more than just an annoyance and tiresome for the driver. Consider this: if your front end is only 1/8” out of spec and you were to let go of the wheel for a mile, you would end up 28 feet off of  a straight line! Don’t just put up with a poorly-aligned vehicle and premature tire wear. Make an appointment with us at JBC Tire Complete Auto Care and let our technicians put your car on the alignment rack. We’ll have your vehicle driving as good as new in no time! 

JBC Tire Complete Auto Care offers quality Wheel Alignment in Springfield, MO

Contact JBC Tire Complete Auto Care today to schedule your next wheel alignment service. JBC Tire Complete Auto Care is thrilled to be your local tire store in Springfield, MO and surrounding areas and are here for all of your wheel alignment and tire needs.

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