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Your steering and suspension system helps you stay in control when you’re on the road. JBC Tire Complete Auto Care offers quality affordable auto repair services and suspension repair in Springfield, MO and Nixa, MO and surrounding areas which ensures your safety by keeping your suspension system up to whatever the road may bring.

Springfield, MO and Nixa, MO Steering & Suspension Repair Services

Most vehicle suspensions are designed with shocks (or struts) and springs. The springs help isolate the vehicle and passengers against potholes, bumps and other rough spots in the road, while the shocks/struts damp and control the amount of vertical movement from the springs. Suspensions also include other parts such as ball joints, sway bars, torsion bars and other components which work as a system to help maintain control of the vehicle on the road, and protect the vehicle’s undercarriage from scrapes and impacts with the pavement.

The suspension also controls sway around corners and nosedive while braking, since inertia and momentum will actually shift a vehicle’s weight to one side while cornering or forward while braking. If your suspension's not working properly, you can be struggling with a vehicle that’s hard to control or even downright dangerous on the highway. ‘

  • Symptoms of suspension problems include:
  • Tendency to sway or lean excessively around corners
  • Clunks or thumps while going over rough pavement
  • Unusually harsh ride
  • Vehicle continues to bounce up and down after hitting bumps

Your steering works as a system with your vehicle’s suspension, as well.Engineers design vehicles with the front wheels set at very specific angles for optimum  steering response, road manners, ride quality and cornering. These angles can shift, though, after a hard impact on a bump, a curb or railroad tracks, knocking those alignment angles out of spec. A front end that’s poorly-aligned will present problems such as:

  • Persistent pull to one side on the highway
  • Uneven wear at inner or outer edge of tires
  • Steering wheel doesn’t “center” itself readily after rounding a corner
  • Steering feels unusually heavy or clumsy

JBC Tire Complete Auto Care offers Springfield, MO and Nixa, MO Steering & Suspension Repair

At JBC Tire Complete Auto Care, we know how vital your steering and suspension are to your vehicle’s ride and handling, and to your safety. Don't leave these complex repairs up to just anyone – trust our trained, experienced technicians to take on your vehicle’s suspension and steering problems. If you’ve been noticing issues like the ones mentioned above, don’t delay…make an appointment with us at JBC Tire Complete Auto Care in Springfield, MO and Nixa, MO and surrounding areas.

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