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Store: 1710 W. Kearney St, Springfield, MO 65803
on 11/16/16
Came in for routine oil change and balance and tire rotation. After the completion they first forgot to put in the adative I brought with, second they didn't balance before the rotation. These are issues that should not happen and never did when the old manager was there. The last thing was their attempt to do add on work, items that I had done already, don't like that kind of service.
Store: 1710 W. Kearney St, Springfield, MO 65803
on 8/11/16
I took my truck into get the air conditioner fixed and after a few hours they said it was good to go and had to change a line and a pressure switch after a day of driving out of town the sir stated getting warmer to the point id was not working at all at that point i had gauges put on he system and it showed that it was way over full and was locking up the compressor. I had to have pressure released and more freon added back to the system. I was charged right at 600 dollars at JBC to have this fixed and it still was not right.
Store: 413 N Old Wilderness Rd, Nixa, MO 65714
on 6/9/16
I came in for a rotate and balance. Service was slow and it was implied (tried to give me a quote for new tires) that I needed new tires because they had to add a lot of weight to my wheels. My truck rode very well after they were rotated and balanced and new tires certainly weren't warranted. I understand you're in the business to sell tires but recommending purchasing items not necessary sure make me suspicious your practices.

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