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Store: 1019 E Republic Rd, Springfield, MO 65807
on 2/15/17
The entire experience was horrible. The toliet had urine all over the seat. I had to ask 3 times for the staff to clean it. It was infuriating, It took them over 20 mins to get to it while uncomfortably waited. Then one of the mechanics broke my electronic key, he was apologetic but I was not refunded or compensated. I was there for almost two hours, they couldn't get my car to start because he completely snapped it. when it finally turned over after so many tries, he tells me I have to go straight home because it will not work again. I get home, it doesn't work again and it's stuck in my ingintion. The worker told me to come back if I had any issues. I call them back the very next day and I speak with Matt who happened to be there for the whole thing. I thought he would be understanding since he witnessed it. I was wrong, he was condescending and dismissive. I asked to speak with the owner and he said he would have him call me back, never happened. I called several other times, they said the same thing, and then I just gave up. I feel like they screwed me over because I'm a female and a college student. I'm assuming they perceived me as naive and young so the didn't show me professionalism or respect. Customer service is not even offered at this store. I will never waste my time, energy, or money dealing with this shop again. I will make sure to tell people not to go here and I will being posting another detailed review on Yelp.
Store: 413 N Old Wilderness Rd, Nixa, MO 65714
on 10/22/16
I had an oil change, along with other work done. When I checked my oil later that week, the oil level was low and the oil was dark. Also the sticker with the date was not replaced. So I am convinced that the oil change was not done, even though I paid for it. On top of that there was a lug missing on one of the wheels where work was done. They said I had a broken stud, but the lug nut was there when I took it in. No one else has worked on that wheel since I have had the vehicle. Evidently your shop broke the stud, then had me pay to have a new one installed. With these issues, I will likely not be going back to this shop.
Store: 1710 W. Kearney St, Springfield, MO 65803
on 6/8/16
Went in and they told me one thing that was wrong saying if they fixed it, it would fix my problem but it would take awhile. So they drove me home, a few hours later I get a phone call that oops there's actually something else wrong causing your problem and they could fix it but it would bring my total up to about $1000. No thanks. If you would have evaluated the car correctly in the first place you could have quoted me that price to begin with, and I would've just scrapped the car and got a new one because that car is not worth putting $1000 of work into.
Store: 3033 East Sunshine, Springfield, MO 65804
on 3/3/16
definitely felt mislead on what was happening with my vehicle and the charges implied. Charged $100 for wipers and a bulb. Jipped
Store: 413 N Old Wilderness Rd, Nixa, MO 65714
on 12/31/15
The slowest place I have ever been to and when my car finally got done it sat outside for 15 min and I had go up and ask somebody if my car was ready to go. The guy waiting in line with me asked me if they were ignoring me. The guy working in the front was messing with the computer the whole time i was there. It took them an hour and a half to change two tires. My car went in right after I got there. By the time I had left I was there almost two hours. I could have changed the tires myself had I know it was going to take so long. I will never go there again. The other people waiting were very frustrated as well.

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JBC Tire Complete Auto Care
3033 East Sunshine
Springfield, MO 65804
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JBC Tire Complete Auto Care
1019 E Republic Rd
Springfield, MO 65807
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JBC Tire Complete Auto Care
1710 W. Kearney St
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JBC Tire Complete Auto Care
413 N Old Wilderness Rd.
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