As you prepare for the coming winter weather, there is one area on your car you should
pay particular attention to: your tires. Old tires with worn tread or those with slow leaks
present extra hazards during snowy weather. Before the snow starts to fly, make sure
you make a stop at the tire shop Springfield, MO residents trust the most, JBC Tire Complete Auto Care .
A Look at Winter Tires
In Springfield, winter temperatures are often below 45 degrees, making it a good idea
to change out your all-season tires for winter tires. Winter tires have special treads,
designed to grip the road better during cold, snowy weather. If you don’t know if you
need winter tires, ask a tire or auto specialist.
Checking Out Existing Tires
If you determine that your all season tires will work or are putting existing winter tires on
your car, you still need to spend some time making sure they are safe enough for winter
driving by checking the:
Tread – The tread is one of the most important factors when determining the safety of a
tire. While all tires are different, most states have laws governing how much tread a tire
must have to be considered ‘not worn.’ This is often 2/32” of the remaining tread. Wear
bars are built into tires to help owners measure this depth; however, when slick, icy
roads are in your future, more tread is always better. Have your tread checked by a tire
shop in Springfield, MO if you’re not sure.
Pressure – Pressure is another factor. Tires are clearly marked with the pressure
required for optimal performance. This information can also be found in the owners
manual or on the driver’s door. Check your tire pressure several times over the course
of a week, noting any changes. If your tire isn’t holding pressure, you will need to swap
it out in order to be safe.
Taking the time to get your tires check or changed out before winter starts can save you
not only money, but your life!

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