With any car purchase, you undoubtedly want to keep it for a long time, especially if it’s your “dream car” or a perfect fit for your budget or lifestyle. But along with the elation of dream car ownership comes the need to keep the car well maintained and running properly for maximum use for years. Our car maintenance and oil change specialists help a lot of people understand just what to do to keep their dream car for as long as possible. For the *oil change Springfield, MO residents trust, turn to JBC Tire Complete Auto Care .
Ideal Car Care
Timely oil changes are a very important part of the required and expected maintenance of any vehicle to keep it running at its optimal best. Our oil change shop gives customers great service and years of excellent car performance by keeping the oil changed and always replacing it with clean, car-specific oil. JBC Tire Complete Auto Care offers an *oil change in Springfield, MO that helps keep cars running smoothly.
Changing the oil is plain and simple, but neglecting that one small detail can wreak havoc on any car’s engine, including:
  • Dirty oil builds up creating sludge and destroying internal parts.
  • Car sludge causes parts to wear out prematurely and stop working.
  • Oil’s additives burn away, leaving the sludge behind.
  • Car parts lock up and create friction.
  • Dry, moving parts create heat and friction.
Your Car’s Best Care
Engine oils lubricate but the oils also clean and cool the engine and carry away heat build-up from the internal moving parts. As the oil flows through the engine, it clears and carries debris, inhibits corrosion and improves sealing inside the engine. Oil change frequency depends on several factors: the make and model of the car, the driving frequency, conditions and styles.
Your car may require a different car oil brand than others, depending on your own set of factors. The general manufacturer’s suggestion for oil changes is about every 3,000 miles, depending on your driving habits. However, some car manufacturers suggest extended oil change intervals at 5,000 miles because of advancements with some modern vehicles.
The maintenance frequency of oil changes varies, but the idea is to ensure that it’s done timely and consistently. Once you understand the needs for your particular vehicle, visit JBC Tire Complete Auto Care for your *oil change in Springfield, MO.

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