Maybe you’ve got a new or new-ish car, or maybe you’ve got an older one you plan to keep on the road for a long time to come. Regardless of what you drive, Auto Repair in Springfield MO it’s essential to keep up on maintenance if you want a reliable set of wheels! Here’s a brief rundown of things you might want to have done before the weather starts to heat up:

  • Oil and filter: Just like a generation ago, regular oil changes are still the best way to get the most miles out of your engine. Oil contains detergents and dispersants that prevent carbon buildup inside the engine and allow contaminants to be trapped in the oil filter. Figure on a 5,000 mile interval for conventional oil, and 10-12,000 miles for synthetic.
  • Air filter: Your air filter keeps grit and particles from entering your fuel system, but once the air filter becomes clogged, your fuel economy and performance will suffer. Have the air filter changed at about a 10,000 mile interval – it’s cheap and easy.
  • Timing belt: This may be the most important piece of maintenance on any modern car. Many engines still use timing chains, which last the lifetime of the engine, but timing belts are designed to be replaced at about 50-60,000 miles. A failed timing belt can mean the pistons and valves will go out of sync with each other, often bending the valves and essentially ruining the engine. Any miles past that interval are on borrowed time!
  • Wipers: Are your wipers leaving streaks on the windshield? Easy – replace them.
  • Carbon canister: Often neglected, the carbon canister is an important part of emissions controls, filtering the incoming air that’s injected into the system. A clogged canister can result in poor drivability and emissions problems.

There are other issues to address in preventive maintenance, of course – tires, tire rotations, fluids – but this is a good start. Take care of your car and it’ll take care of you, so make an appointment with us at JBC Tire Complete Auto Care and let us help you with a routine maintenance schedule!