Avoid costly repairs with regular examination and routine replacement of worn or broken belts and hoses. Schedule an appointment for Belt and Hose today at a JBC Tire Complete Auto Care near you.

What is the belt service?

·        Weak belt tension, contamination and vibration are typical reasons for belt noise. A squealing or screeching noise that happens as you begin to drive commonly points to a lack of tension; check automatic tensioners and belt tension.

Why is the belt & hoses service recommended?

·        Belt(s): A broken or worn out belt can leave you without a working vehicle

·        Coolant hoses: Leaking or ruptured hose(s) can lead to an overheated engine resulting in vehicle breakdown

How does JBC Tire Complete Auto Care help?


·        A grinding noise can be from damaged bearings, which may need replacing, aligned and greased to eliminate the noise and additional damage. Vibration and noise can progress over time as drive components such as pulleys and spring tensioners wear, bearings and brackets loosen, or belts wear and stretch.

To avoid tow fees and engine repairs it is best to routinely check and replace belts and hoses.

Belts and hoses help safeguard that your vehicle's components operate smoothly. Belts need to be in good condition, and hoses need to be flexible and sealed. Failure to replace worn belts and hoses could result in costly repairs. This automotive service comes with a service warranty. 

·        Check condition of hoses at every oil change.* Replace belts every 30-60,000 miles

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