With winter weather fast approaching, many Springfield residents are once again
wondering about annual car maintenance. Plummeting temperatures, snow, sleet and
ice all impact your car’s ability to run properly, so it is important to take the time to look
into preventative auto repair. Springfield, MO citizens know they can trust JBC Tire Complete Auto Care for
all their winter car needs.
Check Your Antifreeze – Perhaps the most important part of your car’s winter
protection, your antifreeze (that stuff that goes in your radiator), should be full and close
to a 50/50 mix with water.
Check Your Tires – Tires should have fresh tread and adequate pressure for their type.
Any tires showing wear or those that are slowly losing pressure should be replaced by a
trained technician. For the best auto repair in Springfield, MO, turn to JBC Tire.
Replace Windshield Wipers – There is nothing more dangerous than the inability to
see out of your windshield. Old or damaged windshield wiper blades will make it almost
impossible to keep your windshield free of snow or freezing rain, so be sure to replace
Check Windshield Wiper Fluid – Keeping your windshield wiper fluid full will also
help keep your windshield clear. It is particularly useful for removing dried salt after big
storms. Be sure you use specially formulated winter wiper fluid; the regular stuff will
freeze on your windows in those below freezing wind chills!
General Maintenance – Don’t forget to have your car checked over completely. Shops
that specialize in auto repair in Springfield, MO suggest having your oil changed,
battery posts cleaned, as well as your spark plugs and brakes checked and replaced if
Taking the time to have your vehicle checked in these areas will help ensure it runs
during the cold winter months in Missouri. Luckily, the professionals at JBC Tire Complete Auto Care are
trained in all of these areas and more!

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