Springtime means the temps are rising, the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and winter is finally behind us! It means lots of things to lots of people, but Auto Repair Springfield, MOit also means a fresh set of challenges for your car. Here’s a few things to think about this spring…

  • Pollen: Nobody really likes pollen, except maybe bees. In spring, trees (especially conifers) discharge huge clouds of pollen into the car, driving some people into sneezing fits…and your car ends up with a yellow-green film of the stuff. Pollen is pretty corrosive to automotive paint, so it’s not something you want to just leave there. Springtime is a good time to wash that mess off your car and apply a good coat or two of wax! Not only does pollen hurt your car’s finish, it can also end up restricting your air filter and contaminating your cabin air filter. Spring is a good time to check and possibly change both of those as well.
  • Potholes: Winter weather is really hard on pavement. The soil under the pavement freezes and expands, then subsides again, resulting in cracks and fractures in the pavement surface. Run a few hundred vehicles over those cracks and the next thing you know, it turns into a pothole. Potholes, of course, are the enemy of your car’s wheel alignment and tires. If you’ve had a hard hit on a pothole and are noticing a difference in how your car drives and handles, you might consider a wheel alignment checkup.
  • Wipers: Spring means showers, and chances are your wiper blades are pretty rough after the winter. If you’re noticing smudges or streaks on the windshield while using the wipers or if you see cracking, drying-out or chunks of rubber gone from the wiper blades, go ahead and replace them. It’s also a good idea to go ahead and put a coat of Rain-X water repellent on all the glass on the vehicle – it can make a big difference in your wipers’ effectiveness.
  • General maintenance: Spring is a really good time to go ahead and have your oil changed, rotate the tires, check the cooling system before summer, recharge the A/C and make sure your vehicle’s 100 percent ready for the hot weather to come. That way you can roll down the windows, turn up the radio and go into the summer months with some real peace of mind.

At JBC Tire Complet Auto Care in Springfield and Nixa, MO, we want you to be safe and happy with your vehicle this spring and summer. It was a tough winter everywhere, and your car needs a little pampering and care…after all, the alternative could mean being stuck by the side of the road, waiting for help! We’ve got the service department, the training and the auto repair technicians to take good care of your set of wheels. Make an appointment with us and let us make sure everything’s in good shape for spring!