Changing your oil is easy, right? You can save yourself some money by doing it yourself, right?Oil Changes in Springfield MO

Well, maybe not.  Here are a few reasons why.

--It’s easy to get something wrong, even if you have changed your oil dozens of times in the past. For instance, if you over-tighten the oil filter you can cause a leak at the rubber gasket…but the same can happen if you don’t tighten the filter enough. Some vehicles also require a copper crush washer to go on the oil pan drain bolt and can leak without this washer.

--You’ll need to get under the vehicle to do the job. That means getting the vehicle high enough off the ground to get under it, with enough clearance to use tools and access the filter and drain plug, and then being able to do that safely.  

--You’ll have waste oil to dispose of. Waste motor oil is smelly and disgusting stuff, and is a real environmental hazard. Change your oil once and you’ve got five quarts of it to deal with…and then if you don’t deal with it and change your oil again, you’ll have 2 ½ gallons of used motor oil to dispose of. Yuck.

When you bring your vehicle to us at JBC Tire Company, we can get your oil changed and get you on your way quickly…and that begs the question, what’s your time really worth? Will the few bucks you save by doing your own oil really be worth the hour-plus you invest in doing the job? And don’t forget, your vehicle’s undercarriage will get a full inspection from our techs so they can spot any potential problems…and of course we’ll dispose of that nasty used motor oil so you won’t have to.

Why get dirty crawling around under your vehicle changing your oil and taking the chance on getting something wrong? To save a few bucks and get a little sense of accomplishment? Bring it to us at JBC Tire Complete Auto Care for your next oil change. What’s your odometer say? Make an appointment with us soon!