As our days grow longer and warmer, the heat affects more than just you. Your car needs regular maintenance, and summer is an ideal time to give it some TLC. Check out the tips below and, if needed, visit a JCB Tire location for maintenance and auto repair in Springfield, MO.
1. Perform Tire Checks
Whether you are preparing for a big summer trip or are simply running around town as usual, take the time to have your tires checked out. Tires must be rotated so that they wear evenly, but first make sure the tread is not worn. If your tires seem to be in good shape, see if they need air. Properly inflated tires will immediately boost your gas mileage, in addition to providing a smoother ride.
2. Help Prevent Overheating
Keep an eye on your vehicle’s coolant level and have the hoses examined for any signs of weakness, wear, or leaking. If your car starts to overheat, pull over as soon as possible. In the meantime, prepare to sweat: turn off the A/C, roll down your windows, and turn on the heater full blast. This will help pull the heat off of your engine, hopefully keeping your car from harm until you can get off the road.
3. Oil is Important
You may not have realized that the stresses of heat during summer driving can actually break down your car’s oil faster than usual. Your vehicle’s lubrication system is what keeps it running, so it is important to have the oil regularly changed.
4. How to Stay Cool
If it is a toasty 90 degrees outside and your car’s air conditioning is not keeping up, have the system examined. During the cold winter months, your car may have gradually lost enough Freon that it now needs to be recharged. Thankfully, this is a simple and fairly inexpensive process.
When In Doubt, Have It Checked Out
If you need any assistance, JCB Tires offers full-service auto repair in Springfield, Mo. In addition to oil changes and tune-ups, we provide tire maintenance and brake and transmission service seven days a week. Call us to make an appointment or stop by a location today!

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