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Why Are My Tires So Noisy?

The drone of tires on pavement can be exhausting after a few hours’ time. Why are some tires so loud?

Tires Springfield, MOTire manufacturers use computer technology to suppress road noise in tire designs, “tuning” the tread pattern and rubber to keep the noise down. As tires wear and the layer of rubber that meets the road gets thinner, tires will naturally start to get louder (and ride quality will usually suffer as well). Some tires are naturally going to be louder than others right out of the box – many truck tires, for instance, are inherently louder than passenger car tires, especially off-road, all-terrain or mud tire designs.

Sometimes things like expansion strips, rain grooves and other irregularities in pavement are going to make more noise, as well as dif ...

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Got a Noisy Exhaust? Don't Put Off Getting It Fixed

Your failed muffler can cause a lot more problems than just having a noisy car! `
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What Can Cause A Misfire?

One day...your car just starts running rough. Why does this happen? `
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How often should I get an oil change?

Oil changes keep your vehicle running longer. `
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So You Hit A Curb?

Even an impact of 5-10 mph can be enough to cause problems with your steering and suspension. `
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